Coloring Pencils ~ Set of 24

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This coloring pencil set makes a great gift for any artist, from beginner, to pro! For drawing, sketching, or coloring, each pencil in this set resists breakage, applies smoothly to all paper types and delivers complete coverage. These coloring pencils make it easy to shade and the colors can be layered and blended. 

24 Coloring Pencils

Easy to Grip

Incense-Cedar Wood


Age 3, and Up

Smooth Shading & Blending

No Lead Breakage (Unless you drop them, tip-first, onto hard wood floors, etc...)

Cylindrical Storage Container  ""I like the round sturdy boxes, they are easy to hold." Cathy M."


  • Lemon Yellow (101C)
  • Yellow (102C)
  • Warm Grey (11C)
  • Orange (151C)
  • Burnt Ochre (153C)
  • Blush (1555C)
  • Vermilion (172C)
  • Carmine (191C)
  • Red (200C)
  • Hot Pink (212C)
  • Violet (2587C)
  • Purple (2685C)
  • Prussian Blue (2767C)
  • Blue (287C)
  • Light Blue (299C)
  • Jade (339C)
  • Green (348C)
  • Yellow Green (376C)
  • Vandyke Brown (411C)
  • Brown (478C)
  • Black (4C)
  • Moss Green (574C)
  • Gold (872C)
  • Silver (877C) 

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