Bunnies by the Bay's Pink Blossom Bunny Bye Bye Buddy Blanket
Bunnies by the Bay

Blossom Bunny Bye Bye Buddy

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Blossom Bunny's Bye Bye Buddy Blanket is one of our favorite baby shower gifts. She's a smaller travel size than the full-sized Blossom Buddy Blanket, with a security loop on the back for safe traveling. Secure your baby's pacifier on the travel loop and never lose that precious bunny rabbit binkie!

Size: 11"

Machine wash cold & tumble dry low heat.

The Blossom Buddy Bye Bye Blanket pairs beautifully with several Bunnies by the Bay Books, and accessories. We also have a lovely selection of other Bunnies, Blossom  Buddy Blanket, and Buddy Blankets and Silly Buddies in stock. All sold separately.

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